Our Story


Chic Riot was started in 2019 by husband and wife team Kidd and Tabitha Fielteau, who are by the way both riders. When seeing the lack of cool, cute, and flattering motorcycle jackets for female riders, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Coming from the world of high fashion design (Tabitha) and beauty/fashion photography (Kidd), the team knew how to create beautiful art. Then, they had to merge that style with safety.


After a year of intensive research and testing…the first fashionable women’s motorcycle jacket and apparel brand was born. All Chic Riot pieces are made-to-order, by hand with great attention to detail and safety, and all in-house in Georgia, U.S.A. Chic Riot was created to satisfy the community of females riders who are fed up with pink men’s jackets. Our vision is to merge women’s style with motorcycle gear.


Let’s cause a riot…for fashion and safety.