Top 5 Chill Riding Songs for April

We all know the month of April means, pollen is in the air, pranks are being schemed, but most importantly, it’s time to wake up your bike from winter’s slumber. It’s time to gear up in some awesome motorcycle gear (hint,hint ;-) and hit the road. We at Chic Riot have hand-picked our top finds on Spotify, to bring you chill songs for your weekend ride in this yellow-filled air month of April.

1: Make You Feel- by Alina Baraz, Galimatas

There is nothing more chill than riding down a two-lane road, slowly bobbing your head to the soft sounds of Alina. No matter what day you’re having, this song is sure to mellow you out.

2: Eye of the Needle- by Sia

Picture this, you’re at your favorite burger joint getting a milkshake after a long day of riding. Then, you pop this song on as you sip your chocolate drink (because anything else would be wrong). Two things could happen: you get zoned out and finish up the rest of your ride or you rush home because you just had a large milkshake.

3: Glorious Warrior- by Electric Guest

So, you know when you are at a stop light and you are jamming to your song? Then, you see other drivers gazing and looking weirdly at you? Well, this is the song that it would more than likely happen to.

(Don’t judge me Honda civic, don’t judge.)

4: A Real Hero- by College & Electric Youth

After watching the movie “Drive” staring, Ryan Gosling….this song has always been in one of our many playlists. There are actual times I found myself pretending I was Driver with his cool jacket and leather gloves, but on two wheels….and without the killing and such. lol

5: Que Sera- by Wax Tailor

Nothing beats real Hip-Hop and a good break beat. This Wax Tailor cut is not just a smooth and chill, but so authentic and mellow. The perfect song to finish up your ride.

Stay safe out there ladies! And please share some of your favorite chill songs that we could add to our playlist!

Riding Smoothly,