There’s always the adrenaline rush every time you want to get on your bike and go for a ride. In times like this, it’s always quite easy to get lost in the moment, just hop on and zoom off without any care in the world. Taking the time to check your bike before each ride can get routine and boring overtime, but trust us when we tell you, it’s one routine practice that can save you a lot of hassles. Here at Chic Riot, we have made a list of 5 things we consider essential or crucial to be checked by every rider before every ride. Let’s dive right in!


One thing we know for sure is that, drunk riders and motorcycles don’t mix.



This for us is the most important thing to be checked before any ride. Don’t get on your bike just because you want to let off steam after a fight or you feel a ride would help clear the fuzziness in your head after you’ve had one drink too many. One thing we know for sure is that, drunk riders and motorcycles don’t mix. You need to be in the right frame of mind with all of your senses intact to ride a motorcycle properly. It’s worthy of note that, a motorcycle in the best of conditions and a rider not in the right frame of mind are still a recipe for disaster.



Brakes should be checked every single time you decide to take your bike for a spin. Do a test ride of a couple meters and squeeze your brake’s lever tightly. This helps you know how firm your brakes are, how tightly you are able to squeeze the lever and how far it goes after you release it. These are all essential in the grand scheme of things when you finally hit the road.



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These are basically to motorcycles what legs are to humans. A bike with bad tires is an accident waiting to happen. Always check to see if any objects are stuck in the treading of your tires, oftentimes, objects stuck in the tread of your tire end up puncturing the tube inside once you ride. Also be sure to check that your tires are properly aligned. Check the air pressure in your tires too, insufficient pressure will ultimately reduce your tires’ grip on the road and this can consequently cause you to fall on turns while riding.



It is advisable that you check all of the lights on your motorcycle one after the other. Ensure that none of them are off after turning them on. Paramount among them is your headlights, especially if you’re riding in the evening and if there’s a possibility of your ride extending into the night. Ensure the light is fully bright, too.



This is essential to take note of, whether you’re riding on a long route or just a couple of miles. Be sure your helmet is worn at all times and make sure it is properly strapped! Also, ensure you have your textile or leather jackets or vests to prevent abrasions or other injuries in the event of a fall. If you’re like us at Chic Riot and you love being fly as much as being safe, you could check out our dynamic range of women motorcycle jackets and gear. We guarantee you would absolutely love them! Riding pants, boots, and gloves are also essentials when hitting the roads, so be sure to gear up!

Noteworthy things to check in addition include: tight or loose chain, fuel (because you’re going nowhere without it and you don’t want to get stranded mid-ride), oil condition and level and the overall condition of your motorcycle.


Don’t forget to carry out these safety checks before every ride and enjoy smooth rides always!

Safety First,

Chic Riot

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